Naked Cowboy Figurine

You haven’t seen New York until you’ve seen the Naked Cowboy! The Naked Cowboy, also known as Robert John Burck, is a prominent highlight of New York City’s Times Square. Wearing nothing but cowboy boots, a hat, briefs, and a strategically placed guitar, this handsome hunk exposes himself daily to countless tourists from all over the world. With over 26 million people passing through Times Square each year, in 2007 he was officially acknowledged as the most photographed person in the world. He has also made numerous appearances on television, in music videos, and on other popular media. You can even have him officiate your wedding in Times Square! As the Naked Cowboy has become one of New York’s premiere tourist attractions, it is no wonder that the New York State tourism department has called him “more recognizable than the Statue of Liberty.” With this 1:18 scale figurine, you can take a piece of New York City’s Times Square home with you.